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September, 2006
Sparkle is back to modeling after a short break.


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Sparkle's portfolio will be updated with a very beautiful guests sets along with her own pictures sometimes. So browse carefully inside & check the announcements!

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Welcome to the world of real modeling!

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My name is Sparkle. I'm a professional child model from Europe. I bet, some of You were taking a look at my modeling career before. And now I'm back...I'm back, because I'm falling in love with the photography. It's allow me to express myself, my thoughts, my mood & a lot of other moments of my human being...
This is like a cosmic challenge: faster, than the speed of light; deeper, than the deepest sea; higher, than the highest mountain...And I'm calling everyone to get an injection with this poison, on the way with me!
I wanna say 'BIG THANK YOU' to ALL MY FANS, who was supporting me all the time and doing it now & to people, who worked and working with me during my race!!!
Keep checking the announces. A lot of surprizes are waiting for You!!!
Take care and see You inside...
With love, Sparkle.

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We are the company, which has been created to support and promote young and talented models, who are aspiring to the top of the fashion & modelling reality...
You can find a lot of proffessional & high resolution images, spotlighting our models in their portfolios.
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